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Is this the community for me?

What is the LEAD Community of Practice?

It may be better to ask ‘Who are the community of practice?’ In short we are a ‘community’ of individuals, teams, organizations and networks all grappling with questions around language, education and development.

The focus of this community of practice is working with minority communities, often marginalized because of their unique culture and/or language. It is facilitated by LEAD Asia, a unit of SIL International in Asia, and is open to anyone who is interested in and/or involved with these issues.

Why are these questions important?

In this increasingly globalized world, communities are often required to choose between engaging in development opportunities or keeping their language and culture. This is a false choice. As groups develop a stronger sense of community—built on a firm foundation of their own unique identity—they are able to more actively engage in future opportunities. However, this is rarely a simple process and it is only through the sharing of experiences and expertise that appropriate solutions can be identified for each context.

Community Development

Why join a community of practice?

A community of practice thrives on the collaboration of the participants who bring their own experiences and expertise to share – learning from each other and building knowledge together. The more diverse the range of participants the richer the learning experiences for the whole community, and as such we warmly welcome attendees from all locations and contexts.

Identity-Based Community Development

The guide published on IBCD is a good starting place to learn the principles and practices that are the focus of the LEAD community. Get started by joining the IBCD group where there are many resources and discussions.  

This online space is for people grappling with questions surrounding language, education and development. Our aim is to share resources and experiences, ask questions, and to learn from each other. 

The LEAD CoP is continually growing and changing as we, the participants, learn together and develop our combined knowledge. We would love for you to join us in this process. 

- Matt, CoP Coordinator

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